Ernest Park
Ernest Park is a recognized expert in the Internet industry. With over a decade of experience designing and implementing Internet solutions for some of the largest and most security conscious clients in the world, Mr. Park’s skills have been well honed.

In Mr. Park’s current role as President and Strategist of Airius Internet Solutions, he is working to drive the SunONE vision to enterprise clients and Sun partners. Airius currently provides management consulting to some of Sun Microsystems’ largest partners and clients.

In Feb, 2002, Ernie Park of Airius Internet Solutions was asked by Norwalk, CT Mayor Alex Knopp to participate as one of 7 members, and the only enterprise technology strategist to direct the Mayor's Management Task Force, a volunteer advisory committee also chaired by senior executives from two Fortune 100 companies, a former mayor of Norwalk, and the CIO's of two large neighboring towns.

Mr. Park is working with Pace University Law School to design and teach a curriculum of classes focusing on security, technology and information management. Mr. Park’s classes will begin in the 2002 fall semester.

In his former role with iPlanet, Mr. Park’s clients included some of the world’s largest companies. These sites require absolute fault tolerance and security for their web presences. As a Strategist for iPlanet, Mr. Park was credited with influencing nearly $575,000,000 in software sales over a four year time. Some of these sites, run by brokerage firms, are under regular constant scrutiny by the SEC and NASD. Additionally, brokerage firms are rated for their performance by numerous publications and industry websites. The performance, security and reliability of the website absolutely affect the site’s financial success.

Highly secure clients . . .

Move client information to the Internet for secure access by brokers

Access highly privileged mortality information to the Internet for secure access by brokers

High volume discount stock trading website

Credit card management site for 25,000,000+ users, highly secured and monitored by the Attorney General and internal security auditors from the FBI

Popular web site for investment news, designed to handle millions of users daily

In three months, took over management of a failed project, and with a handful of developers, turned this into one of the most respected investment sites on the Internet. This went from nothing to the third largest investment site on the web behind http://charlesschwab.com and

A very secure website to deliver highly secure Internet based standardized testing to high school students all over the country. Anticipated usage is 10,000 by early 2002, with millions by the end of the year

and others like . . .















Mr. Park has been quoted on iPlanet’s homepage . . .

Mr. Park’s technical analysis on application server sizing has been used to design and validate dozens of enterprise e-commerce software sales. The formula and notes can be found at . . . http://sizing.org/sizing.html

He is on the board of advisors for . . .




The City of Norwalk

Mr. Park has written articles for publications focusing on technology, business, new ways of thinking in this Internet age, and much more. He is a recognized speaker that has presented to senior management at GE, AIG, AT&T, Lucent, Paine Webber, and others.

Mr. Park has conducted numerous solution and product seminars over the last four years.

The Art of NAS
“The Art of NAS” was delivered to over 1000 employees of partners, clients and our own professional services in a six month period to stimulate application server development. Netscape Pro Serve, National Discount Brokers, Citibank, iXL, and GE were among the clients that participate.

“Sizing.org” followed “The Art of NAS”. The basic formula has been downloaded over 80,000 times in the last two years and is the core of the Sun iAS Sizing tool. Mr. Park personally delivered the presentation and related consulting to AOL/TW, iPlanet and SUN PS and over 100 clients, representing thousands of developers, clients, managers, and the CIO’s of GE and AIG, two of the world’s largest companies. “The Application Server Sizing Guidelines” looked at e-commerce and infrastructure development from a transaction cost level. This helped clients to understand thresholds, costs per click, and design issues that could enhance or inhibit performance. Big adopters to “Sizing.org” were iPlanet Pro Serve, National Discount Brokers, Etrade, AOL/TW, various GE business divisions, Future Tense/Open Market and BellSouth.

Sizing 2.1
“Sizing 2.1” looks at architecture, design, prototyping, time to market, cost per transaction, real return on investment and buy versus build. Mr. Park breaks down Tactical (the server is on fire) and Strategic (let’s keep the server cool so that it does not catch fire) objectives and show clients how to define budgets and priorities to each. The end of this should have a client working through an architectural prototype while having a SWAT team onsite sorting out Tactical issues. Sun Pro Serve, NCS Pearson, Medscape (WebMD), AOL/TW, GE Lighting, Sony, and CT Bar Association have benefited from this strategy.

In his four years at Netscape, he received numerous awards for sales and engineering excellence. He was selected by his peers and senior management to go on company reward trips, the first to Hawaii, and the second to Barcelona, Spain. He received four other significant performance awards, including the "Outstanding Performance Award for 2000" and the "Outstanding Systems Engineer for 2000”. Mr. Park received an honorary medal from Eunice Shriver and the 1995 Special Olympics World Games and named as a Platinum level sponsor in gratitude for his two year donation of time, effort, wireless network design and his management of a complex global technology implementation.
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